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Exedy Sports Organic Heavy Duty Clutch Kit 1.8L - Track Use (NA/NB 1994-2004)

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Please Note: When on backorder the clutch can take up to 8 weeks to arrive 


The Exedy Sports Organic Heavy Duty (SO suffix) clutch kits are perfectly suited for use in highly modified vehicles in amateur motor sports activities (road car drivers, keep reading) 
The sports cover assembly boasts higher clamp loads, spheroidal graphite pressure plate castings and additional drive straps are utilised to prevent pressure plate casting failure at high RPM. The Sports Organic disc features a premium friction material for superior durability and engagement characteristics as well as high rate damper springs to handle increased torque.

Mania Notes: We have found these are perfect for those with MX5's making 180rwkw+ who still use the vehicle on the road and don't want to use a button clutch in traffic.
Exedy advise 'Track use only' as due to the higher clamping force noise, rattles and chatter may be evident - still better than driving with a button clutch in my opinion ;)

Kit includes:

- Clutch Disc
- Pressure Plate
- Thrust Bearing
- Spigot Bearing

Please Note: We STRONGLY advise you machine your flywheel (OR purchase a new lightened flywheel) and replace your rear main oil seal when replacing clutch.

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