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In February of 1989 at the Chicago Auto Show, Mazda unveiled the first MX-5. Later that year the first examples started to arrive in Australia. For more than 33 years we have witnessed another 3 generations of the MX5 but nothing really quite compares to the iconic NA. Here at MX5 Mania, we have watched these great cars become a popular choice for young and old. We offer countless upgrades and modifications to enhance the driving experience and enjoyment but seeing customers arrive with their beautiful condition original NA's is still a highlight of our day. Thanks to the popularity of the Mazda MX5 we are able to access a huge range of original parts from Japan to help you restore your vehicle back to as new condition. 

Looking for a part we don't have listed here? If Mazda still make it, it's likely we can get it 
Just send us an e-mail and we can help you out