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White/Red Comfort Bump Stop Kit - (NC 2005-2014)

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White/Red Comfort Bump Kit 

Did you know that Mazda designed the NC and RX8 to corner on the bump stops like the earlier cars? The bumpstops are an important part of the handling. Any time you are replacing your shocks and/or springs you should consider doing bumpstops at the same time if you haven't yet.

This combo of 36mm front bumpstops and 58mm Red (soft) rear bumpstops is great for performance street setup with emphasis on good ride quality. Similar setup as our other Sport bumpstop kit for lowered cars which uses a 58mm White (medium) bumpstop in the rear, but the softer red bumpstop in back ensures the best ride quality over bumps for that fun street car setup.

We use high-quality materials in our stops to add suspension travel and comfort while maximizing grip and performance. Sets are for all (4) corners, combining different densities front and rear to achieve proper neutral handling for your car.

This SPORT version is for LOWERED cars!

This SPORT version is for LOWERED cars!

Suit: NC 2005-2014

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