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Vintage Electric Windows Toggle - Jass Performance (NB8A 1998-2000)

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Brushed stainless steel finish for the surround and custom made decorative bezel nuts and protectors Perfect fit and center console integration, matching all Jass Performance interior stainless products. With laser engraved electric windows switch labels.

The unit comes with OEM connector for quick plug and play installation. Smart fixing system prevents the bolts at its front and it integrates into the NB8B centre console and no cut/rewiring is needed.

Please note, Mazda used different wiring through the years.

These vintage toggle panels work fine as a replacement for the NB8A. OEM electric windows switch assemblies. They are a direct replacement for the NC11 and N053 switches.

The module codes can be found on the switch panels’ side. There is no need to remove the centre console to have a check, as they clip in. Light push and lift from the rear takes them out of the centre console. Please have a quick check before ordering.

Suits NB8A 1998-2000

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