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DCN Performance Hood Louvres (NA/NB

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Comes in either NA or NB



  • Huge cooling improvement. See graph in photos and track test details below
  • Greatly reduced air intake heatsoaking
  • Specifically designed for the NB Miata, all hood bracing retained
  • Integrated gurney flaps increase the pressure difference for better air flow
  • Big surface area covered, outperforming smaller surface area hood louvers in the market.
  • Air is vented out in line with the airflow of the car, not at an angle. Other louvers where airflows collide at an angle create vortexes and drag
  • Made from 2mm thick aluminium, and with durable black powder coating


What's included:

  • Full 7 piece aluminium hood louver set, powder coated with a matte black textured finish
  • Black rivets


Track tests:
Car used was a 270HP NB, turbocharged with IHI VF35 turbo on 1.8 VVT engine at 10:1 CR, with custom compressor wheel.  Photos: Engine BayDyno
Track used was Castelleto Circuit (2km track length), with environmental temperature of 26°C (78°F). The short track forces low speeds, putting even more strain on the cooling system.

Without louvers: Temperature rises quickly and the car overheats on 3rd lap. ECU rev limiter at 4500 RPM is triggered for engine protection. After a cooling lap (lap 4) the car again quickly overheats on lap 5 and is forced to take cooling laps for the rest of the run.
Minimum intake temperature recorded: 54°C

With louvers: Temperatures rise much more slowly, and stabilise below overheating limit. Temperature equilibrium of 103°C was reached on lap 6, after which temperatures remained stable for the rest of the run. Since temperatures never reached 105°C, ECU rev limiter was not triggered and the car was able to keep going at full power for the full run.
Minimum intake temperature recorded: 43°C

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