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Variable TPS (Throttle Position Sensor) for High Spec ECU - (NA 1989-1993)

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TPS sensor kit for MX-5 NA6 controlled by third party ECU

Maruha Linear TPS features functions to measure throttle position linearly with the addition of an idle/ power switch.
The product controls the fuel consumption suitably by transmitting the throttle angle data timely to a high spec ECU.

Moreover, the bolt-on design allows you to install our TPS without difficulty as long as the proper wiring work is done following the wiring diagram included in our TPS kit.

The coupler on your NA6 can be operated as the idle switch by connecting it to Maruha Linear TPS.

Maruha Linear TPS upgrades your MX-5 NA6 with drive-by-wire throttle giving you excellent engine performance with quick response.

Keep in mind ..

The product should be installed by a professional.
The product is designed for circuit tuning purposes.
The product is suitable for high specification ECUs including Freedom ECU. NOT FOR THE GENUINE Mazda ECUS.
The wiring diagram included in the TPS kit is for connecting to Freedom ECU.
In case of using the other ECUs, please contact us for the suitability of the product.
Poor wiring connection may damage the ECU and the other devices on your car.


This kit includes:

  • Maruha Linear TPS ×1
  • Adapter ×1 Bolt ×4
  • Coupler ×1 Genuine MX-5 throttle gasket ×1
  • Wiring diagram (for Freedom ECU) ×1

    Suits NA6 1989-1993 with 3rd party ECU

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