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Turbo Lines and Fittings Kit (NA/NB 1989-2004)

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This is a complete kit for all years (1989-2005) and fits both Garrett and EFR turbos. All the fittings you will need for Water, Oil Feed Oil Return connections

Fittings Included :


2 x AN6 adapter

2 x Copper washers

1 x 45* Push on AN6 Fitting

1 x 90* Push on AN6 Fitting

1 x 140cm Silicone line with double reinforcement ( to be cut to size, this is enough for both lines)

2 x Oversize automotive clamp

2 x Normal size automotive clamp

Oil Feed Line Please note the feed line is DIY type which has to be cut to size and the AN4 fittings fitted, you should start from the block, find your route and cut the hose to size. Start with the block, think 3 times, cut to size and fit the fitting. You need an angle grinder with a metal disk, thin ones work best, cut fast. It can bo done on the car make sure you clean the hose of debris

1 x 1.8 AN4  Block Adapter

1 x 1.6 AN4 Block adapter ( Under exhaust manifold)

1 x 3 Port T Fitting Block (Oil sender)

1 x 120cm Braided PTFE hose

1 x 45* AN4 swivel fitting

1 x 90* AN4 swivel fitting

1 x Garrett Adapter

1 x EFR adapter

Oil Return  1 x turbo oil return fitting, AN10 with O ring 1 x AN10 45* Swivel Push on to barb fitting 1 x Oil return silicone hose (custom, reinforced and lined for hot oil)  90* bend at one end, fits low mount, top mount AC. Find route, measure 5 times and cut with sharp blade. This hose is oversized

1 x Sump fitting to barb

1 x Sump fitting to AN10 ( this is supplied so you have the option to go to a  Braided PTFE AN10 hose)

1 x 3\4 -16 UNF Tap

1 x Drill bit

2 x automotive clamps

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