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Towing Strap Mount (NA/NB 1989-2004)

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The towing strap mount offers the towing strap correct installation position and reinforces the connection. The advantages vs. the very common bolting the chassis are presented below:

  •  The towing strap is calculated to be bolted with M12 bolt. The MX-5 chassis offers only M10 fixing point.
  •  Bolted to the OEM towing eye points it hangs on the side and will scratch/damage the nose cone in real towing case.

The mount will solve the upper issues, by safely offsetting the mounting point from the nose cone end to its middle.
More importantly, it fixes to the towing eye structure points with two M10 grade 10.9 bolts and provides the hole for the M12 bolt, making the connection stable, as meant to be.
The mount is available as black, to discrete integrate into the "mouth" opening in case and in case the strap is used only for towing/racing.

Suits NA/NB 1989-2004

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