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Flyin' Miata Soft Top Latch Locks Kit - (NA/NB 1989-2004)

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Over time, your top latches wear and get loose. We've actually seen ones so bad that the top will come unlatched on the highway. 

There's no adjustment for this. So we offer these replacement latches with a few bonus features. Not only will they restore a nice solid click to your top latches, but you can also adjust them to compensate for wear on the rest of the mechanism.

They come with an alternate screw that will make them essentially into a lock, great for latches you rarely want to remove like a hardtop. They even come with a replacement circlip.

Available in low-key black or "press here to eject" red. Engraved with the FM initials.

Easy installation. Sold in pairs - that's enough for one soft top. A hardtop will need two sets if you want to do all four latches.

Please note, this is a rebuild kit to upgrade your existing soft top latches.

Kit includes:

2 black or red latches
2 set screws and a matching hex wrench
2 replacement circlips

An instructional installation video can be found here.

Genuine Mazda Soft Top Guide Cap can be found here.

Suits NA/NB 1989-2004

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