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Timing Seals & Covers - Genuine (NA/NB8A 1989-2000)

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Genuine Mazda. These covers and seals install on the front or your engine. If you are replacing your timing belt/water pump then It would be a good time to swap these out.

If your engine has ever had any oil leaks from from the cam seals then chances are your seals will be swollen and soft.

It is also common for the plastic timing covers to be damaged by the fan belts.

This is the solution.

Sold as a kit and includes.

1 x Upper Timing Seal Left
1 x Upper Timing Seal Centre
1 x Upper Timing Seal Right
1 x Lower Timing Cover w/ seals (Timing Mark)
1 x Lower Timing Cover w/ seals

Suits all NA/NB8A 1989-2000

Note: The reason we only supply the seals for the upper and not the cam gear cover is because the plastic cover does not normally get damaged like the lower covers do (and it also costs a small fortune) However if you would like us to order it for you - Please email us


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