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The Deuce! Double Element Kit

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The Deuce is here! AGAIN! 

The new V2 kit is now 22% larger and has a better profile.


Dual element wings can double the downforce of your wing. If you're running your big wang past 10* aoa, it's time for a Dual. The best news it's an easy-to-install kit, yep bolts on with basic hand tools. No need to send it back. 

V2 story. 
The v1 element worked great, it had one issue it was never meant to be a second element. The profile and the shape were built for dryer vents. When the worldwide shortage thing happened, we couldn't import them anymore. The shipping grew to 150% of the price of the wing. We never really liked importing parts, and we turned to our American extruders. We worked with Morlind engineering to develop a bespoke shape to complement the big wang. We also made it a bit bigger by 22% just for the little extra kick in the pants. We think you're really going to love what we came up with 


  • Light Aluminum construction.    
  • Up to 10:1 Lift Drag ratio*
  • low drag = more top speed!
  • American-made 
  • Track Tested 

What's included?

Full kit 

Everything you need to add a dual to your wang. 

  • Element Sized to your wang.  
  • Deuce Endplates 10"x11"
  • Wing support mounts that fit in the existing gurney flap. 
  • Stainless Steel Hardware

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