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Evalence Tar, Rubber & Bug Remover

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 Tar Rubber & Bug Remover only removes what you don’t want.

  • It is specially formulated to remove, from your vehicle’s surfaces, rubber, tar, insects, grease, and grime picked up from the road and track.
  • It contains no silicone and is 99% solvent and volatile organic compounds free. It is 100% biodegradable.
  • It is suitable for all types of surfaces and our advanced formula means that it will not harm paint, protective wraps, seals, or signage.
  • Making it an essential companion for a day at the track.

Directions for use:

Spray onto the area to be cleaned.  Leave for about 30 seconds.  Wipe off.

Whether you are a dedicated motorist or a motor racing enthusiast, keep a small bottle of Tar Rubber & Bug Remover in your glove box.

Timely use will protect your car and the environment.



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