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Sound Tube Delete Kit - (ND 2015-2020)

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Mazda has incorporated a “Sound Tube” into their intake systems. Especially, after doing mods to the exhaust and such there are sounds that are worth listening to.
The Moto Sound Tube Delete Kit was designed to replace the clunky, cluttered mess that is the factory sound tube, and do so with a bit of flair.
Following removal of the sound tube, the hole in the rubber hose in front of the throttle body needs to be plugged, and provide a connection for another rubber hose that routes nearby to the valve cover. These aluminum pieces are professionally anodized in “bright black”.
The main feature is that the bottom of the piece is the perfect length to come flush with the inside of the rubber tube, and only has a hole diameter of the size of the rubber tube that attaches on top. That’s important because it helps maintain smooth airflow into the throttle body, rather than disrupting it with a large inside diameter like some other pieces out there can, including the factory piece.
Installation is a simple 10 minute affair, and a push-in rubber plug is provided to cover the hole in the firewall that’s left when you remove the tube.

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