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Soft Top Side Window Seals Kit 6pc - Hood Seal Weatherstrips (NA 1989-1997)

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These are often the cause of wet seats, particularly on older NA's, and should really be changed as a matter of course when fitting a new hood. They have been manufactured by I.L.M in Germany to be exactly like the original so you can be assured of a perfect fit. Not only is the fit perfect, but the quality outstanding, and at this price they represent a massive saving over the Genuine Mazda version.

PLEASE NOTE: When installing, it's very important you adjust and reposition the metal retainers these seals attach to. If you simply install the seals without adjusting the rails they make leak. (It will take some time and you will need to check a few times with light hose from above to ensure they are sealed)

Kit Contains -
- Left and right hand front side seal
- Left and right hand centre side seal
- Left and right hand rear side seal

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