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Seat Bolster Support with LED Light (NA 1989-1997)

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A great idea to fix your collapsed seat bolsters. This seat support bracket installs to the side of the seat to help support the wearing bolsters of your NA. Supplied with a nice little LED light that illuminates when you open the door.

The same part can be installed on both seats (they are not left / right specific) Or purchase quantity of 2 if you are installing on both sides.

Once the seat has been removed from the car, decide which side you are fitting this to as it has a bearing on which side you have to mount the lamp. Screw the lamp into the bracket using the supplied screws and then insert the angled bracket into the slot in bottom of the moulded bracket. Next, remove the front screw of the seat rail and slide the angled bracket into place between the seat bottom and the seat rail. Once in place, replace and tighten the screw that was removed and refit the seat in the car.

The lamp is wired into the interior lights. If you remove the door sill trim, you will find the wires that come from the door switch. On most cars it will be a red & white wire, but it is best to check by removing the switch and tracing the wire. Connect the BLACK wire from the LED lamp to this wire and then run the other one towards the front of the car through the conduit and connect to any permenant live.

Suits all MX5 NA 1989-1997
Note: You are buying 1 bolster support for 1 seat. If you want to install on both seats make sure you order 2.

We have found that Australian/Japanese MX5's have different seat rails to the European models so additional holes/brackets may be required to line up with your seat rails.

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