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RoadsterSport 'Super Q' Muffler - Goodwin Racing (ND 2015-Current)

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Following the huge popularity of our NC Mazda MX5 application “Q” Muffler this Super-Q for ND is once again “Q” for Quiet version. This attenuation design is a premium “NO-DRONE” choice, great for those with manual transmission and especially for those with the AUTOMATIC transmission (which tends to keep the RPMS in the lower ranges where many exhaust choices drone). Smooth mandrel bent tubing redirects the flow for a side entrance to the muffler where we engineered a three chamber design. It would be much cheaper to just use a single big muffler with nothing but perforated pipe through the centre surrounded by sound absorbing materials, but doing it right with the three chamber design allows us to tailor precisely the FUN sound you want when you push it toward redline, without the harsh drone on deceleration that the more simple designs make you suffer.

This triple attenuation chamber design muffler is the most mild and mellow on an otherwise stock MX5 MX5…about 10 to 15% louder than stock…with a deep sporty burble anytime you hit the go pedal but quiet when you are just cruising.

RoadsterSport MX5 TipThis triple chamber design features an exclusive ‘Helmholtz Resonator’ first chamber that massively reduces the standing wave inside the exhaust system, reducing the ‘booming’ tendency by over 50db inside a top up MX-5 cabin that is common on many aftermarket MX-5 exhausts. To create this Helmholtz chamber we outfitted our 2016 ND Gen MX5 with a computer and sound analyser and microphones and drove it under varying conditions and loads and without the stock muffler for the computer to carefully measure the sound spectrum coming out the stock mid-pipe. We then use that data and some special software to calculate the particulars of the Helmholtz chamber size and valve specs to precisely knock down the frequencies we do not want to hear in the new MX5 while allowing the good throaty burble fun sounds to pass through. The result is deep throaty audio, without the drone!

The Helmholtz chamber gives this muffler a dual personality, under deceleration it is super mild and quiet, yet when you push hard toward redline it gets more vocal and racy! With the top down lots of throaty burble, but dramatically more tame when the top is up. Yes, simple BOLT ON install, just two bolts!

Includes our famous RoadsterSport Super Light 3.5 rolled tip originally developed for NC application. It took a big investment in new equipment to come up with a rolled tip that didn’t add weight to our high flow performance designs…but it was worth it. This 3.5″ OD outlet tip completes the look of the exhaust and provide a more aggressive and sporting appearance than the very tiny pair of of polished pipe outlets used on the factory muffler:

ND Exhaust Dyno INCLUDES our exclusive baffle cone insert in the Tip which is REMOVABLE and allows you to set the sound to sporty…or quiet. Also available is our optional packed baffle with which you can quiet it down even more for those using a header or supercharger, or race mid-pipe, etc. This system is 10% to 15% louder than the stock MX-5 muffler on an otherwise stock MX5 exhaust system….and only 20% over stock sound level when used with our RoadsterSport mid-pipe. Baffle retained by small hex bolt inserted from well under each tip.

 Fits all 2016 model and newer MX5s with manual or automatic transmission, soft top or retractable hardtop.

Dyno report! Peak torque gains moving up from 136 to 139 Ft/lbs and peak HP up from 142 with stock muffler to 145 with the high-flow muffler. Best torque gain is 5+ Ft/lbs torque in the midrange right where most folks are driving. Much more testing to come.

All the Goodwin RoadsterSport mufflers fit BOTH the 1.5 and 2 litre, either manual or auto transmission.

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