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RoadsterSport Race Muffler NC (05-15)

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This MX5 Exhaust was designed for RACING. In particular, this muffler was designed for the autocross and track MX5 Miata drivers. It may also appeal to some MX5 Miata owners who want a SIMPLE AND PROPER SINGLE SIDED MIATA EXHAUST. Let's face facts, dual exhausts on a straight four cylinder Miata is a ridiculous waste of weight. Mazda talks about gram strategy in the development of this new Miata but they wasted a lot of weight on duals that provide no performance benefit and lots of extra weight.

Tarnish Alert! This choice is about function above all else, and one downside of making it minimum weight is no fake double walled tip to keep the outside metal looking pretty, you must expect with this single walled choice that it will tarnish with heat because that's what happens to single walled stainless steel. If that will bother you, get any of our other choices that has a double walled tip and weighs more as a result.

Yes, this RACE exhaust is on the LOUD side of our choices with just a 4" diameter and 9" long muffler. But what the racers need to know is that max recorded db usually 85-88 db at 50 feet.... well within all track and autocross limits and low enough that many will run this MX5 exhaust on their daily driver and love it.

Just 8 pounds means this Miata muffler is almost 20 pounds less than the stock Miata muffler! How do we do it? By using a higher than normal perforation rate on the straight through super high density core to get maximum sound suppression with absolutely minimal weight. This seven pound Miata exhaust compares with 19 pounds for our RoadsterSport Miata Duals and over 26 pounds for the factory exhaust.

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