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RoadsterSport HighFlow Stainless Midpipe with HighFlow Converter - Goodwin Racing (NC 2005-2014)

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  RoadsterSport HighFlow stainless midpipe with highflow converter

Full 2.5" and 5"  Cat for maximum performance.

    Designed as a bolt-on replacement for the factory midpipe to carry the 2.5 inch outlet of the factory header, and the RoadsterSport and Racing Beat headers, all the way to your choice of any of our 2.5 inch inlet RoadsterSport mufflers.
    Simple bolt on for manual transmission only. Also bolts up to our Racing Beat exhaust, stock header and Racing Beat header. 
    Now using our ultra flow FIVE inch converter. Old 4 inch converter flowed just enough for 2.0 motors normally aspirated, but those same 2.0 motors get no downside with going with the 5 inch converter, and the 5 inch converter can handle more heat so a better fit for high performance uses. The big 5 inch converter is also perfect for boosted cars and 2.5 conversions. 
    Includes two O2 sensor connections which gives you the option to later add our RoadsterSport or Racing Beat headers and avoid engine codes (by using our O2 plug and play extension cords to relocate the factory O2 sensors to before and after the converter in this midpipe).
    All stainless steel construction for years of driving pleasure. This midpipe is slightly larger diameter than stock at 2.5 inches all the way through.. Uses high quality spun catalytic converter with metal core.
   Uses monster 18 inch resonator because when you uncork this motor it wants to get loud unless you use a resonator this large (by comparison stock resonator is about a foot long).                                                                                                                                 Stock midpipe is 9.07 Kg, our midpipe is 7.48Kg for total savings of 1.58Kg. Despite very large resonator, this midpipe will raise the final sound level just slightly because of the higher flow larger diameter tubing.


We have Installed this Mid pipe on automatic Transmission Model, The guard on the transmission will need a small file to clear the catalytic converter.  

Suits NC 2005-2014

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