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Roadster Double Stripe Decal - (NA/NB/NC 1989-2014)

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Perfect for your NA NB or NC MX-5. This graphic features a 3" double stripe with "Roadster" script cut out of the stripe revealing the car color.

The vinyl used is designed for automotive use and will not harm the paint or clear coat.

This high-quality vinyl from 3M and Avery (depending on your color selection). You can expect to get 6 to 10 years of life in the decal. Considerably more if your car is stored indoors.

The material is designed to be removed without affecting the paint or clear coat. Usually, once they have been on for more than a few days, the easiest way to remove them is to heat the decal up with a hairdryer (no heat guns!) and slowly peel off the decal.

Available in a variety of colours. Black, and White are listed. Other colour choices and styles are available.

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