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Racing Beat Sport Connecting Pipe NA (89-93)

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Sport Connecting Pipe

For Miata owners that prefer a more aggressive sounding and lighter weight exhaust system, this Sport Connecting Pipe (without presilencer) can be used with either our single or dual outlet Power Pulse Muffler.

- 2.375" OD Tubing
- 304 Stainless Steel Materials
- Includes catalytic converter/header-to-connecting pipe replacement gasket.
(Muffler gasket is supplied separately with the Racing Beat muffler unit.)
- Includes connecting pipe-to-muffler mounting hardware.
Note: This Racing Beat Miata Connecting Pipe section does NOT eliminate the stock catalytic converter unit. All Racing Beat Miata Connecting Pipe sections for the 1990-97 Miata bolt directly to output of the stock (or comparable) catalytic converter.

Many people ask just how much louder the Sport Pipe is as compared to the Power Pulse Connecting Pipe. For comparison purposes, we undertook a series of decibel readings to record the sound level outputs.

Test Parameter
We used our 1990 RB Miata (1.6 liter) in this test. The car is equipped with a High Flow Intake, Racing Beat 4:1 Header, and Power Pulse muffler. The different connecting pipes were installed and the car was lowered to the ground prior to testing. Using a handheld decibel meter, a sound level measurement was taken at a 45 degree angle, approximately 18" away from the muffler tip, The measurements are as follows:

Power Pulse Pipe (with presilencer)
Idle: 74db
3000 RPM: 82 db
5000 RPM: 87 db

Sport Pipe (without presilencer)
Idle: 75db
3000 RPM: 89 db
5000 RPM: 92 db

(Legal limit for California is 95 db.)

Next, the Racing Beat sales staff drove the car to obtain subjective opinions on the sound quality of the Sport Pipe configured exhaust.

We were quite surprised with the sound output of this Sport Pipe! Quite frankly we were expecting to hear a harsh, buzzy tone without a presilencer, but this was not the case. Although the sound seemed to increase sharply at 3000 RPM, it was NOT harsh or buzzy but retained the deep, throaty tone that was similar to the resonated connecting pipe. Even though it was louder, we all agreed that the sound was "streetable" and still retained the sound quality of the Power Pulse system.

A lighter weight alternative to the resonated connecting pipe, the Sport Pipe offers a modest sound level increase over the Power Pulse Pipe, but in our opinion this pipe is adequate for street or track use.

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