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Racing Beat Rear Lower Control Arm Brace (NA 89-91 & NB 98-04)

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Our Miata Rear Lower Control Arm Brace is intended for 1990 through 1991.5 and 1999-05 Miata chassis with no modifications required. Our goal was to design a brace that "boxed- in" the rear upper and lower control arm mounts and provide a complete "four-point" mounted chassis brace. This design offers additional chassis stiffening over a simple "two-point" brace.

Racing Beat's Rear Lower Control Arm Brace is laser-cut from 14-gauge mild steel, machine-formed, and MIG-welded to produce an assembly that is both rugged and attractive. The brace is powder-coated to virtually eliminate corrosion and requires only basic hand tools to install. This brace can easily be installed with aftermarket exhaust systems, simply unbolt the rear muffler section and pass the inlet tube through the opening in the brace.

1991.5-97 Miata Chassis
In mid-1991 Mazda introduced a simple lateral brace at the rear of the subframe linking the rear lower control arm mounting points. In 1994, Mazda improved upon this design by extending this brace forward in the chassis, further connecting the forward lower control arms and the chassis. In order to install the Rear Lower Control Arm Brace on the 1991.5-97 chassis, either of these braces must be removed and the brace mounting flanges/tabs must be removed to provide the required clearance.

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