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Racing Beat Front Swaybar Reinforcement Brace Kit (NA/NB 1989-2004)

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Sway Bar Brace Kit
1989-04 Miata (Except 2004 SE TURBO)

Production Note: As of September 2020 the aluminum blocks are provided with a black anodized matte surface finish.

Developed to stiffen any Miata chassis, this assembly proves most beneficial when using any relatively strong aftermarket sway bar, including Racing Beat's solid or tubular bars. This kit both effectively minimizes chassis flex that reduces sway bar performance and eliminates possible cracking of the sway bar chassis mounts that results from repeated hard cornering. (Sway bar shown in above photo is not included with this kit.)

Several years ago Racing Beat developed a Front Sway Bar Reinforcement Brace for the 1993-95 RX-7, which faced a similar problem. We found that we could adapt this part for the Miata by designing a brace that would tie both left and right sway bar chassis mounts together and adding additional support to the sway bar chassis mount. Using the mounting bolts and retaining nuts supplied in our kit, a support bar is placed into position and tightened against the frame rail. As the retaining nuts are being tightened against the support block, the sway bar mounting bolt is being forced outward against the sway bar chassis mount. This support provides a very simple and extremely effective way to "load" the sway bar mount - minimizing movement of the bracket and dramatically reducing the possibility of breakage.

Manufactured from hollow-core steel tubing and utilizing laser-cut end flanges, this brace is finished with a rust-proof powder coat finish. Installation is accomplished by simply removing the sway bar mounting bolts and inserting the brace and support bar. Step-by-step instructions with fully detailed photos are included for easy installation.

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