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Oil / Water Fluid Temp Sensor 1/8 NPT

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Quality oil water fluid temp sensor rated from 0 - 150c using a 1/8 NPT thread, they also come with a 2.5M wiring loom. These temp sensors are a 2-wire sensor, they do not ground on the place they are fitted too which is a good thing. Sometimes grounding temp sensors to where they are fitted can cause issues, if there is any other parts grounding nearby that are high amp, it can lead to inaccurate readings from the sensors. These sensors being two wire means you can run the ground for them off to a safe isolated position to make sure the readings are stable and accurate.

These are good for those wanting to report various fluid temps back to their aftermarket ECU’s, such as transmission temps, oil temps, water to air intercooler coolant temps etc. There are a number of uses for these sensors and are a cost effective solution to get temperatures back to your car’s ECU.

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