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NB8A Light Conversion Harness - (1998-2000)

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This is a convenient wiring kit for converting from early NB to late NB headlights.

The headlight wiring configuration can be divided into three types: headlight, blinker, and small (position).
This wiring kit changes the headlight (H4 → HB3 / NB4) and the small (position).
The blinker is changed only for the valve (clear → amber), so the wiring related will be reused. (See notes)

The NB early type valve is H4 type.
The H4 type uses a double filament inside one bulb (light bulb) and switches between high beam (HI) and low beam (LO).
The NB late model uses two valves, HB3 and HB4, to operate HI and LO respectively.

Wiring is not easy because of different coupler shapes and different lighting arrangements.
Therefore, we have prepared a complete coupler ON wiring kit that does not require any wiring processing.

In addition to the headlights, the wiring for small balls (position lights) is also fully coupler ON.

Wiring can be performed very easily.

An additional harness is required to allow the low/high beam (blue) light to illuminate on the dash. If you require this feature please select this additional item.

For additional notes click here

Suits MX-5 NB 1998-2000

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