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Soft Top Fold Down Retainer - Jass Performance (NA/NB 1989-2004)

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The soft top happens to fold at the wrong place, causing the top vinyl to be caught between the frame stop/support and the frame stopper. It is very often the case with NB frames installed on NAs.

This is unfortunately first visible from the torn vinyl, which is often new from the freshly replaced soft top.

Jass Performance have experienced this as well and came with this simple solution, that allows you to open the top as usual, rather than every time folding away from the frame stopper.

The Soft Top Fold Down Retainer is adjustable and will work in every situation. The installation is very simple, as it attaches to existing fixing and simply loops around the frame stopper. The quality of the materials - the stainless steel and 100% natural rubber ensures long-lasting use, while the design fully integrates it without any interference.
The retainers are sold per side, as it’s often needed for the one side only.

Suitable for NA/NB 1989-2004


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