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Maruha Mahle Custom Pistons & Rings 86mm - Naturally Aspirated (NA8/NB8A/B/C 1994-2004)

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Made from phosphate coated forged aluminum (4032) and grafal coatied on the outside and the inside - The end product is not only a strong piston but its also very smooth.

Mahle is one of the leading manufacturers of OE products in the world. Maruha Motors created this 86mm piston which is suitable after machining the stock BP engine block.

Here are some examples of what these pistons are capable of achieving.

Stock Crank OR Maruha 85mm Crank + 86mm x 1mm Maruha head gasket
= 10.6 compression ratio / 1974cc displacement

Maruha 87mm Stroker Crank + 86mm x 1.8mm head gasket
= 11.4 compression ratio / 2020cc displacement
(If you require more head resurfacing of up to 20 thou, You can use the Maruha 86mm x 2mm head gasket)

Application: NA8/NB
Piston diameter: 86.00mm
Compression height: the same as genuine
Pin diameter: the same as genuine 20mm
Dome capacity: +8cc
Piston weight:324g(average)

Important Notes:
- Genuine connecting rod is usable / Using MARUHA power rod together is recommended (available from MX5 MANIA)
- Oil jet/squirters need to be bent when installing pistons, but we recommend purchasing 4 x Maruha Oil Jets (available from MX5 MANIA)

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