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Jass Performance 48-58MM (1.9 2.3") Seat Lowering Adapter ND Right Hand Side (2015-Current)

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We are happy and proud to offer unique solution from Jass Performance, allowing unbelievable seat drop on seat rails. Unbelievable, because you will struggle to imagine this lowering potential even exists underneath the seat base!

The new Jass Performance seat lowering rails are: 

on slider rails just like the OEM seats !!!
have adjustable height !!!
offer lowest possible drop - an impossible 58mm or 2.3" !!!
fully reversible !!!
Recaro seats compatible at their higher position
Each of the above features is unique and their combination - incredible, because:

The seat integrity is not harmed AND the seat is adjustable on slider rails! 
You can daily drive your track car (helmet under a rollbar) or track your daily.
You can share your car with your partner/friends. You can even take it to a garage:).
You can choose between two height options from the one that suits you. 
An EASY installation. No special tools or skills are required for the installation, you can save a garage visit. 
Reversible means reversible. Anytime you decide to return the seat to OEM sliders or resell the Jass Performance Lowering ones - it is possible. 
I will stop here. Mazda should have done it in first place:)! 
As mentioned the Jass Performance Lowering Rails offer two very low seating positions - they are explained below. You can alternate between both. The rails will be sent preset in one position. The default is -48mm (1.89") which is more universal and offers full seat travel.

The height positions compared (you will receive both options):

The higher position (-48mm or 1.9") has 125mm (5") seat travel. No modifications to the seat are needed, except for exchanging the seat rails of course. Recaro seats compatible.
The lower position (-58mm  or 2.3") has seat travel of 60mm (2.36") extendable up to 95mm (3.75 inches) with a guided slight trim to the bottom of the seat side wings.
The adapters installation is intuitive and easy. The seat installation in the car is as easy as when installing/removing OEM seat. Everything needed for the installation is included. 

Last but not least - should you really need them as tall driver, it makes enormous difference to combine them with the seat back rising kit.

From a tall driver (197cm or 6'6") to fellow tall drivers - it took them 9 intense months to optimise this design and make sure not a fraction of the millimetre is further possible as drop. They gained a lot of experience with the possible room/comfort/ergonomics creating mods. which I am happy to share in short below.. 

Sum-up of the Seat Lowering Potential

All installation hardware is provided, as well as installation manual.

Sold as full kit per side (seat). You need two for both seats.

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