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Evalence Instant Detailer with Carnauba Wax

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Instant Detailer with Carnauba Wax is a spray on wax that will provide a finish to satisfy even the most dedicated motoring enthusiast.

Our Electrovalence Technology is specially formulated to clean without penetrating the surface or substrate.

It’s non-invasive properties make it safe to use on both modern and classic vehicles making it the ultimate Quick Detailer at a Show’n Shine.

Instant Detailer with Carnauba Wax can be used on paint, chrome, glass, timber, and plastics.

Its unique formula removes and continues to repel, dust and dirt to maintain a long-lasting lustre.

It will not damage rubber or other sealants so it is safe to use as a general automotive cleaner.

The high concentration of carnauba wax protects the surface from UV damage and industrial contaminants.

It is 100% Water Based, 100% Biodegradable, and 100% Silicone, Solvent, and VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) free.

Directions for Use:

Simply spray Instant Detailer with Carnauba Wax lightly over the surface to be detailed, wiping off with a clean 270-330 GSM microfibre cloth.

Wipe off in one direction lifting the dirt from the surface as you go.

Buff to a shine with a second clean microfibre cloth.

Keep a small bottle in the glove compartment for the removal of bird droppings, tar and other unwanted nasties.


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