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Heater Panel Cover (HVAC) Black Brushed Stainless Steel - Jass Performance (NA 1989-1997)

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The labeled HVAC panel is now available in black brushed stainless steel finish. The unique design of the Jass HVAC panels using 4 side fixing points, allows the exact positioning of the panel, very tight tolerances, and this very clean appearance of the panel.
The black brushed option is available only with white backlight.
The panel is air conditioning compatible.

The black version requires the HVAC knob to be offset 0.2mm to the front, which is possible on EU versions. The USDM, UK and JDM knob versions could be filed slightly at the back if scratching the panel.

They are fully compatible with the Jass Performance HVAC aluminium knobs.

Direct link to the installation manual is available here.



Suits MX-5 NA 1989-1997.

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