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CSF Triple-Pass ULTRA PERFORMANCE 42mm Radiator (NC 2005-2014)

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Triple-Pass ULTRA PERFORMANCE 42mm Radiator by Goodwin Racing.

The MAXIMUM performance radiator for the MX5. Period. Compared to our 32mm triple pass radiator which is a direct fit, this thicker 42mm version requires trimming of some plastics to make it fit. But for those big power or race builds that need every bit of cooling, this is the answer!

High-demand cars - especially those running turbochargers, as well as racing applications, need every bit of cooling ability you can squeeze into the car. This new 42mm thick version of our triple pass radiator builds on the massive success of our existing 32mm version, increasing the core thickness to the absolute most that can fit in the NC. This radiator still works with the factory fan, mounts to the factory locations, and just requires some trimming of the surrounding plastic. Solves all of the problems that come with a custom multi-pass racing radiator, which come with massive price tags and are not direct-fit; requiring custom brackets, don't fit with factory fans, and so on.

Our Triple-Pass radiator is the first of its kind; a cross-flow, triple-pass configuration using racing radiator technology throughout, designed specifically for the NC, and doesn't have the price tag that comes with "custom". Fits with the factory brackets, fans, and hoses.

- Triple-pass flow design makes the water pass fully from one side to the other through the radiator THREE times instead of ONCE, more efficiently using ALL the frontal area of the radiator and giving the water more time to shed heat.

- Advanced fin and tube technology:
Utilizes CSF's specially-engineered "B-tubes" which are made from thinner and lighter aluminum but are still stronger than conventional 0-shape tubes. The core features louvered fins with a denser packing. More fins per inch than standard cores means more surface area for cooling and thus dramatically higher efficiency.

- 42mm core for maximum cooling ability.


Fits - Mazda MX-5 NC 2005-2014


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