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Gear Shifter Nylon Tip Bush [21.6mm Large Bushing] - Genuine Mazda (NB)

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Replacement nylon cup at the base of the gearlever. Often wears and breaks up over time. There are two different sizes of these 

This bush is the 21.6mm LARGE bush and is found on some NB 6spd

If you are looking for the small bush. Please search our store. 

If you have an NB 6 SPEED and are unable to measure your bush (and you are sure the gearbox is original) the vin information below may help. Please note the VIN # applies to Australian delivered models only.
Last 6 of Vin 201223 or higher = Large Bush 
Last 6 of Vin 201222 or lower = Small Bush

Suits MX5 NB 2000-2004


If you are rebuilding the shifter choose the one for your model below

NA 5spd shifter CLICK HERE 

NB 5spd/small bush 6spd shifter CLICK HERE 

NB large bush 6spd shifter CLICK HERE 

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