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Fire Extinguisher Mount - Custom Mounting Bracket (NC 2005-2014)

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This fire extinguisher bracket is designed to mount on the passenger side floor of NC using the factory seat bolts.

A fire extinguisher can be installed to the bracket and securing the bracket/cage which is supplied with your extinguisher. 

Bracket can be left as is, plain and not polished 316 steel or you can paint it prior to install.

Designed to suit 1kg Fire Extinguisher and bracket as available from Autobarn, SuperCheap etc.

Cams Compliant as per Schedule H 1.1 of the 2018 Cams Manual

Alloy may have fine scratches/tooling marks from the cutting and bending process (you can paint it should you wish)

We have replacement seat bolts should the heads of your current bolts be stripped or damaged.

Suits all NC 2005-2014 MX-5s with or without carpet

This is NOT compatible with Factory Floor mats with the clip.

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