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Tornado Electronic Air Horn - (NB 1998-2004)

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This is it!  The best solution to being heard by those huge SUV's who drift into your lane.  Easy to install in place of your original "Meep-meep" horn,  this horn will fit all four generations of MX-5. Average installation time is 20 minutes.  No modifications of your car required. It comes complete with an MX-5 specific mounting bracket, a new fuse, jumper wires and of course complete installation instructions.

To hear what this horn sounds like, click here

Smaller, louder and quicker reacting horn than "old style" component air horn.


1) It's very small and compact (4.5" x 4.5" x 3.25")

2) It's VERY loud! (136dB @ 4")

3) It's all one piece - no hoses to delay response time, fall off, or kink

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