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e85 Fuel Pressure Sensor 3-Wire 1/8 NPT

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These are an e85 compatible fuel pressure sensor, they can be used on our multi gauge systems as the standard pressure sensors are not e85 compatible, or they can also be used to connect to aftermarket ECU’s to monitor fuel pressure accurately and reliably on any vehicle running e85 fuel. Most pressure sensors sold with aftermarket gauge systems are not e85 compatible, while they may function initially, in almost all cases the pressure sensors which are not rated to be used with e85 fuel will die very quickly.

These units are a high quality ceramic internal pressure sensor which thanks to their different internal design to normal pressure sensors are able to cope being used in e85 applications. They are a 0-5v 3-wire sensor rated from 0psi to 145psi and come with a 1/8 NPT thread and 2M wiring loom with plug for the sensor. With a lot of the newer ECU’s allowing fuel pressure to be monitored, more people are connecting them to their ECU’s for engine protection and also logging etc.

Our e85 fuel pressure sensors are all high quality 3-wires sensors, 3-wire wire pressure sensors offer greater accuracy over two wire pressure sensors due to inherent design characteristics. Three wire sensors are also linear and more repeatable making them the choice for high accuracy measurement. You have one wire for 5v power, another for ground and the other is the sensor signal wire.

If you are looking for a high quality e85 fuel pressure sensor to run with our multi gauge systems, or looking for a reliable supply of quality fuel pressure sensors for aftermarket ECU installations, these are a great option at a very reasonable price.

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