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'JNC' Gauges by RevLimiter - Gauge Cluster Kit (NA 1989-1997)

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We are so pleased to announce that we are the Australian Dealer of Revlimiter gauge face kits.
Made in the USA and directly imported which allows us to keep the cost down!

- Aerospace polymer laser-cut gauge face set.
- Gen 3. Digital screen printed. OEM textured surface.
- 6 o'clock tach/speedometer zero position.
- Made to suit AUSTRALIAN speedo clusters (Speed: 220Kmph NA/240kmph NB, Oil Pressure: KG/Cm2, Water Temp: Celcius
- Redline at 7200.
- (NB only) High beam indicator is relocated to the left corner above the fuel gauge in place of the CRUISE or low fuel indicator. The CEL indicator is moved to the right corner above the temp gauge (unused on many Miatas). Other indicator lights (ABS, HOLD, pass airbag) are eliminated.
- (NA only) Dummy lights below the tach (airbag, lights-up, hold) are eliminated.
- White/Clear backlight (Use your own white or coloured LED globes, We sell white LED kits if you require)

What You Get:
- One (1) set of genuine revlimiter Gauge faces.
- Pair of no-glue, push-through needle stoppers.
- Pry tools to remove OEM gauge needles.
- A dry dust cloth.
- Pair of gloves.
- One-sheet installation guidelines.
- Stickers and other goodies.

What You Do NOT Get:
- A full cluster. This is a set of gauge faces only.
- Gauge needles. You will have to re-use your stock needles/pointers.

Important Notes:
- We can't guarantee that your computer monitor is accurately showing the actual color of each gauge. Reds and purples are particularly hard to photograph and have the added problem of becoming richer or thinner depending on the light hitting them.
Be aware that there may be some color differences between what you see on the screen and what your installed gauges look like.
- These are not a really quick and easy swap out - it will take quite a bit of time to install the gauge faces. We have placed some links to assist with installation below (Please read them before ordering)
- The images shown are of US gauges (so they show MPH instead of KMPH etc) we will be updating the images when we can.
- These DO NOT fit JDM gauges (sorry Eunos owners - we would need to special order these for you!)
- May not be compatible with 2004 SE Turbo Gauge Cluster
- Gauge kits DO NOT come with LED's (Please see link to our LED kit below)



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