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Engine Cam Cover Bolt 'Dress Up' Kit (NA/NB 1989-2004)

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Replacing your cam cover gasket? Why not upgrade the stock cam cover bolts with these stronger (and better looking) bolts!

These bolts are not only stronger than the stock bolts but they feature a nice socket head (hex tool required for installation)

This kit consists of
- 11 x Long Bolts
-  5 x Short Bolts
- 16 x Washers

The bolts supplied with this kit are enough to replace all the perimeter bolts of the cam cover as well as the 3 in the spark plug channel.

Please note: For those who have the NB8B/C with the VVT / SVT engine there is an optional ADDITIONAL kit with dress up bolts and washers for that engine. Click here for the additional kit.

Suits MX5 NA/NB 1989-2005

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