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Dimsport Rapid Module – Fuel And Timing Controller - (NA8 1994-1997)

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Maruha spent the past few years working with Dimsport, Italy to create a fuel and timing controller for the NA and NB8A MX-5s. The new Rapid Module works with the factory ECU and comes with a harness and connectors that plug directly into the factory connectors.

Rapid is not a simple module. Rapid computes the map data from the genuine ECU and sends signals to the ignition system and fuel system. Therefore, it is necessary to interrupt the ignition system and the connector of the injector. The interrupt itself is basically simple because it is supported by a dedicated male and female connector. 

NA6, NA8 and NB8 have a central connector for the injector. 
It can be handled with easy wiring processing.

Features of Rapid Mx5

  • Adjustment of fuel control and ignition timing in each rotation range and throttle opening
  • Easy installation or removal (mostly with dedicated connector connection, no troublesome wiring process)
  • Reasonable price
  • Continue to use the genuine ECU as it is.
  • Comes with Maruha special TPS Kit required for the 1989 to 1993 Miatas
  • Each unit will be adjusted and preloaded to the customer’s engine specs
  • Perfect for anyone with cams, headers, intake, exhausts and even some mild compression/volume increase
  • Will not work with aftermarket standalone ECUs nor reprogrammed factory ECUs

Recommended when

  • Intake and exhaust system items that have been changed
  • Using a big throttle
  • Changing camshaft
  • Changing the engine compression ratio
  • Piston diameter is increased
  • The control system is not touching anything as it is a genuine ECU

This unit is not suitable 

  • Genuine ECU has already been ROM tuned
  • External full control is already in use
  • Models other than NA / NB8A/B


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