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Dimsport Rapid Module – FR Controller - Hand Controller (ND 2015-Current)

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Made by DIM SPORT (Italy) is this newly developed product, the RAPiD FR.
FR stands for Fast Response. Although changing modes can be done effortlessly and quickly, this is not its only feature, as it is is also possible to change the characteristics easily by setting each mode.

FR is to improve the response function of the accelerator pedal,
not to increase the engine output.

About each mode:

STOCK is standard setting.

RACE setting maximizes the response. It is recommended when you want to enjoy running to the maximum.

SPORT has improved response overall. A stronger engine response can be felt even with the same stepping. This mode allows you to enjoy driving even at low speeds.

CITY mode driving has the response kept at a constant even when more engine output is required.

LIMIT ECO In this mode, the response is delayed than usual to improve fuel efficiency.

LIMIT VALET This mode is intended for use in valet parking. This mode is set assuming that you leave the car to others. When the limit is applied a sudden start in a small place such as a parking lot is suppressed.

Since each mode is set in advance, you can quickly and easily switch to your favourite mode (characteristic).
Once the mode is set, it is stored, even if the engine key is turned off.
In addition, to each mode, there is a plus / minus adjustment function (7 steps), and you can switch to your favorite settings more finely.

How it works

Remove the pedal and interrupt the pedal connector.
Since all FR models are designed exclusively for each model, they can be installed without any modification. There is also no need for an optional connector to be sold separately. Nor is there a need to take external power supply. It can be handled with extremely simple installation work.

The model of the FR body is set at the time of shipment. There is no need to perform “vehicle type setting” on the user side.
However, the setting of the pedal function (0 to 100% pedal opening / closing value) at the time of mounting must always be performed.

Setting the pedal open / close value
When installing, it is necessary to set the pedal opening and closing value, so
please follow the instructions included in the package.
Incorrect installation or setting will cause the vehicle ECU to determine an error (failure) and enter fail-safe mode.
If the warning light comes on, it is necessary to clear the error code with a dedicated tester.

RAPiD FR / Throttle controller for Mazda ND / Harness FRFR04 included

Suits ND 2015+

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