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AeroFlow, Electric Oil Transfer/Scavenge Gear Pump

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Aeroflow Performance 12-volt electric oil pump is designed to handle the toughest automotive racing environments for transmission / gear oil fluid cooling or scavenge systems on your turbo drain back systems.. The internals feature a hardened bronze spur gear & rotors so there are no diaphragms to fail during operation. NOTE: this gear pump will have a higher noise level due to the internal design.

The pump's small size and reduced weight make it ideal for any space or weight-limited application. The case features vibration-resistant rubber mounting bracket and feet.

Voltage: 12V DC

Flow capacity: 8 Litres per minute (2.1 Gallons per minute)

Can be mounted in any position

Female 3/8" NPT Ports

Current Draw: 6 Amp (max. 10 Amp)

Dimensions: Length 155.5mm x Width 119mm x Height 103mm

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