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Cold Side Air Intake - Jass Performance (NA 1994-1997)

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The Cold Side Air Intake was the reason the Jass Performance Fixed Headlights were developed for MX5 NA. In a naturally aspirated car it instantly brings the following advantages:

  • Reduced Intake Air temperatures, being on the cold side (far from the exhaust manifold as the OEM setup)
  • Ambient and below Air Intake temperature levels, due to the cold air stream from the Jass Stealth Headlights or TSIs.
  • Increased response, due to the significantly shorter intake tract
  • Increased high-end power, due to shorter intake tract
  • Increased airflow, due to optimised design vs. OEM. Smoother, with fewer bends and larger diameter.

The kit works only with MX-5 NA with 1.8 engine, due to the smaller size of the MAF (Mass Air Flow) sensor. It is only possible to be installed with the Jass Performance Stealth Headlights, as they clear the needed space for the air filter.

Click here to see Flush Mount 'Stealth' Headlight Conversion Kit.

The kit consists of

  • Air intake, optimised for air flow and clearance from the water hoses. The setup is tested with OEM radiator at this moment, although it will work with aftermarket aluminium radiators, it might interfere with the water hose.
  • Silicon hoses, clamps to attach to air intake, MAF and air filter. Two options are availalbe - black and red for the silicon hoses.
  • K&N Air filter - the biggest possible filter to fit in the available space
  • Breather filter for the rocker cover - two matching colour options available again - black and red.
  • Polycarbonate Splash Guard for the air filter in case the kit is used with TSIs for a piece of mind and prolonged life of the filter
  • MAF Extension Cable (Plug and Play)

The Air intake is supplied partly assembled and the hardware installation is straight forward.

The MAF extension cable has length of 145cm, comes with OEM connectors (male and female, with silicone insulation) and oversized 1.5mm2 wires. It is part of the Jass Performance Cold Side Air Intake kit and its length allows for discrete routing and integration to the cold side intake without overhand.

Suits Mazda MX5 NA 1994-1997

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