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Evalence Preeminent 50% Carnauba Wax

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As its name implies, Preeminent 50% Carnauba Wax is the flagship of our product line.  There are many reasons why it is a very special product:

  • Carnauba Wax is known as the “queen of waxes”. It occurs naturally, derived from the leaves of the Carnauba Palm (Copernicia cerifera).  Grown in Brazil it is an exceptionally hard and durable wax.
  • Carnauba Wax is the best natural protection against UV rays.
  • Preeminent 50% Carnauba Wax is formulated using our Electro-Valence technology. It will attach to the paint of a vehicle without penetrating the paint or any other surface.  It is suitable for use on all modern and period correct automotive paints and surfaces, including protective wraps and other coatings.
  • Additionally, it is 100% Water based, 100% Biodegradable and 100% Silicone, Solvent and VOC free.
  • 50% is an exceptionally high concentration of carnauba wax, bringing out the lustre of the paint at the same time as it seals it for long-term protection. It protects vehicle surfaces from industrial fallout and UV rays and the formulation works to repel dust and dirt.
  • Unlike ceramic coatings, Preeminent 50% Carnauba Wax may be reapplied and the new wax will bond with the old to freshen and enhance the deep glossy lustre of the surface.
  • Unlike Ceramic coatings Preeminent 50% Carnauba Wax will attach and protect the paint surface like static. Ceramic coatings bind into the paint like a corkscrew.
  • Properly applied Preeminent 50% Carnauba Wax will protect the paint surface up to 12 months. Dependent on road conditions and use.

Directions for Use:

Wash the vehicle using Wash ‘n Seal with Carnauba Wax or, if the vehicle has been subject to industrial fallout, Clay Mitt Lubricant

Wax the vehicle as recommended.

We are proud of this product.  We believe it to be without parallel.



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