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Car Cover Indoor/ Outdoor (NA/NB/NC/ND)

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Designed with high quality materials that outperforms 5 layer cover and is crafted to protect your MX-5.  This cover has water sliding technology too that will not let a drop of water go through, as it is 100% waterproof.


100% breathable and waterproof due to micro-porous oil based materials.
Inner fleece lining material ensuring vehicle`s paint is not compromised.
High quality UV resistant chemicals coated on the outer layer of this cover, ensuring vehicle paint never fades.
Reinforced grommet & lanyard on both sides of the cover.
Elastic hem in the front and rear allowing tuck fit.
Material resists mildew, mould, rot, bird droppings, snow, rain, tree sap, dirt, and acid rain.

It is still advised to remove the cover regularly to allow airing.

Please note: Price is for a standard car with no body kit or spoilers - Covers are available for cars with factory spoilers etc at additional cost.

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