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Brake Master Cylinder Stopper (Universal) RHD - Jass Performance (NA/NB8A 1989-2000)

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The brake stopper stops the brake servo & firewall flexing hence giving stronger braking. The feel is more solid and precise rather than soft and delayed reaction time. The difference is well noticeable and it's quite a big improvement for just a small bracket.

Jass Performance developed this version as solution that allows the use of strut brace. Fits on NA and NB8A, will not fit on later NB8B/C with ABS.

As usual it features stress calculated and weight improved design. This version is optimized to give the very same results as the other one. The finish is zinc + black powder coating.

Please consider, the very early 1.6 models are with shorter studs on the top mounts, their length won`t allow the use of the 4mm thick plate and the strut brace bracket together. 


Suits MX-5 NA/NB 1989-2000

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