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Boot Lid Popper Kit ND 2016 up RF and Soft top

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Opening your MX5's boot can be a hassle if you have an arm full of groceries, shopping bags or if your hands are simply dirty from doing all that work under the bonnet. You can obviously use the button on your key fob to pop open the trunk, but you'll still need to lift it open from there. Which is why you need a boot popper!

Why risk any unnecessary fingerprints on your MX5 when you can open your trunk completely wide without ever touching your car. Bask in this little luxury! This is just the kind of product that you would want coming stock on your roadster. Installing these boot poppers is a breeze. Once they're in, you'll soon forget what life was ever like without them.

Note: This kit will not work with extra weight on the lid, like a heavy liner, luggage rack, etc.

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