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Battery Cut Off Switch (NA/NB 1989-2004)

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Does your battery keep going flat when you haven't used your car for a while? Fed up with disconnecting your battery when you put your car away? Then we have the product for you. This great little switch can be fitted directly to the negative terminal of the battery, and with one easy twist it can be connected and disconnected in seconds.

It can also serve two purposes. If the supplied fused link is used, it acts as an immobiliser. Once the cut off switch is disconnected it will still continue to supply power through the link, unless the starter motor is operated, when the fuse will blow making it impossible to start the car. If used without the fused link, it will cut all power to the car, preserving the battery, and ensuring your car will start again when you want it to!

These fit perfectly to the NA, whilst the NB will require a small piece of the cardboard battery cover to be removed so it will sit flush. It can not, however, be used on the NC, as the standard battery comes with the smaller post terminals. 

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