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Ball Joint Front Upper (NA 1989-1997)

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The front upper ball joint has failed in your 1990-1997 Mazda MX5. You find out that there is not an OE replacement offered. If you go with OE parts you are forced to replace the entire control arm. The OE front upper ball joint cannot be serviced-meaning there's not a grease fitting available to have access to flush out contaminants if necessary.


Moog's line of problem solver parts target factory defects or poor original design, replacing them with a better more durable part. K500210 front upper ball joint provides the option to only replace what needs to be replaced if the ball joint is the only issue.


Moog engineered K500210 as the perfect replacement for the OE failed front upper ball joint. It has been designed with knurled housing which enables it to fit securely into the control arm. Engineered into this problem solver is an all-metal gusher bearing to provide strength and allows lubricant to penetrate bearing surfaces for longer life. This front upper ball joint has a greaseable design as well as a patented domed cover plate to ensure proper preload torque for the life of the part. Moog has included a polychloroprene boot that lasts longer and directs contaminants out of the socket and away from brake components during lubrication


Suits NA 1989-1997

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