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AVO Headers-Back Exhaust System - Quad Tip (ND 2.0L 2016+)

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AVO's Stainless Steel 2.5" header back exhaust for the Mazda ND models only use the highest-quality stainless stell throughout, including the laser-cut stainless steel flanges. This is a great system for customers looking for excellent sound, little drone, and expecting their exhaust to last for years. The exhaust tips are 3.5" tapered polished and adjustable.

The system comes with a 5" body 160 cell metal cat converter. The reason for the 5" body is that it flows better than the 4" body with the same cell. You might ask why 160 cell and not 100 cell like other aftermarket exhausts available; it is because it will help with maintenance of emissions control. The 160 cell cat converter is also a compromise between maintaining high performance and some emission control.

Recommended for turbocharded or other forced induction cars, however, shown to not be too loud even on NA applications where the customer wants slightly more noise from the exhaust.

NOTE: To fit with the standard rear bumper you will have to modify for tips not to hit.


Fits ND 2.0L 2016+

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