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Alcon Racing Front Big Brake Kits (NA/NB 1989-2004)

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Alcon was founded precisely because brakes are not just brakes. As well as being the primary active safety system on any car, the best brakes inspire confidence, augment the joy of driving and reduce lap times far more effectively and affordably than by adding power. And the best brakes are what we make, alongside clutch and pedal box systems for some of the most demanding and discerning clients on earth.


Track performance, on the road.

We use our extensive knowledge of specialist and performance braking solutions in all of our applications, including aftermarket brake kits. At Alcon, we can transform the braking ability of a wide range of cars and in all environments from every day driving to high intensity track work. All our braking systems are tested far beyond anything even the most demanding customer will be able to subject them to. And reducing stopping distances is just the start.

As racers and road car enthusiasts ourselves, we are no less interested in the feel that the brakes provide. We also know that our brakes must work from the first application in a sub-zero climate, to the last corner of a lap record run. They must be lightweight, but also exceptionally durable. They should be quiet but resistant to fade in even the most extreme circumstances.

Alcon’s brake kits are specifically engineered to give you exceptional braking performance and are the pinnacle of aftermarket brake kits. Whether you choose an Advantage Extreme brake kit or a range-topping RC4/RC6 kit, you can be sure that in every area that matters, your Alcon brakes will excel.


Alcon has been at the forefront of motorsport braking innovation for over 30 years.

Aesop said ‘A man is known by the company he keeps’, and there is no better way of judging our motorsport credentials than the list of clients we have supplied over the years. From McLaren, Bentley and Aston Martin in GT racing, to Volkswagen and Citroen in the World Rally Championship. From Formula E to World Rallycross, many of the world’s greatest factory teams have chosen Alcon.

They know that Alcon doesn’t just supply the best brakes, clutches and pedal boxes on the market, but also ultra-fast turnaround times without compromise to quality, a personal relationship, and a determination to pioneer the new methods and technologies to keep us and, therefore, them, always ahead of the game.

On or off road, open wheel or closed cockpit, race, rally or any other form of motor sport, the world’s great manufacturers trust Alcon to design, develop, supply and support the most technologically advanced and highest quality components for their competition cars.


  • CRB343:
    • 4-Piston Forged Race Caliper Front/Rear
    • Applications: Rally, Group N+, Touring Car and General Race use.
    • Disc diameter range: ø280 - 343mm
    • Radial mount for maximum rigidity and firm, consistent pedal
    • Differential piston diameters to minimise pad taper wear
    • 2kg anti-knock back springs
    • Hard stainless steel wear plates
    • Fixed pad retainer bars to increase stiffness, remove caliper to change pads
    • Not dust sealed


What’s in the box

All Alcon Big Brake Kits include all the parts that you will need, excluding brake pads and fluid (see below):

  • (2) 4 or 6 Piston Alcon Caliper
  • (2) Alcon Special Iron Alloy Disc or DBA 5000 T3 Slotted Disc
  • (2) Vehicle Specific Bell Assembly with Fixings
  • (2) Vehicle Specific Caliper Bracket with Fixings.
  • (2) Vehicle Specifc ADR Approved Brake Line (Goodridge or HEL Performance depending on availability)


Brake Pads - Sold Separately


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