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Adjustable Cam Gear - Intake / Exhaust - Maruha Japan (NA/NB 1989-2000)

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Adjustable cam gears from Maruha Motors in Japan

Maruha Cam Gear is one of the finest original products of Maruha Motors solely manuactured in Japan.
The Cam Gear is made of duraluminum which is very strong and expensive.

Unique features of Maruha Cam Gear
Hard surface coating
Unique manufacturing technique
Purely made of duraluminum
Just fit feature
Double aluminized color dye
Precision Japanese manufactured product.

- EXHAUST / INTAKE SIDE 1989-1997 / EXHAUST SIDE 1998-2000
- INTAKE 1998-2000

So to clarify, the NA model 89-97 uses the same gear for intake and exhaust, the NB8A model  1998-2000 also uses that cam gear for the exhaust HOWEVER it has a different cam gear for the inlet.
In summary, 
If you have an NA you need to buy quantity of TWO exhaust/intake gears
If you have an NB8A you need to buy ONE exhaust/intake and ONE intake



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