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Accelerator Cable Adaptor Bracket for 1.8L Conversion (NA6)

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This little bracket allows you to use the 1.6 throttle cable with a 1.8 engine. Simple bolt-on installation. Made of stainless steel. Due to the different intake manifolds used, you need to specify whether you're using an NA8 (1994-97) or NB (1999-05) engine.

Please choose the model of engine you are installing from the drop down menu

This is one of a few products we sell to assist with the 1.8 conversion (kit with throttle body, accelerator cable and coil pack adaptor brackets also available if you want to save some money!)

These brackets are manufactured in the USA so if installing on an NB8B you will need file down the bracket to clear the intake manifold on the flat top manifold 

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